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The bow and forecastle configuration which was developed in house and successfully introduced in many projects is our Groot Cross-Bow®.  Today a significant number of vessels is already carrying this bow proving the advantages every day.

The shape of the bow with forecastle, which was proved in several model tests, offers a huge benefit in bringing down the installed propulsion power. The Groot Cross-Bow® is based on the wave piercing principle and is today a proven concept. In comparison with ships in the same size, the Groot Cross-Bow® requires less main engine power. The result is less fuel oil consumption and lower emissions. Vessels designed and built with the bow show more comfort for crew and safety for cargo in heavy conditions or rough weather.

The idea of the bow includes not only the shape, but considers also the safety of the vessel in heavy weather, arrangement of anchor and mooring equipment and accessibility. The total concept is registered as the Groot Cross-Bow®.

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