Successful launching of mv ‘Scot Navigator’

On Wednesday the 22nd February 2017 the Scot Navigator was launched at the GS Yard B.V. in Groningen. She has a modern, efficient design which makes her the ideal acquisition for Scotline’s expanding fleet, whilst being built to comply with all the latest legislation including provisions for ballast water treatment. The vessel will have a length of 88 metres, a beam of 13.75 metres and a maximum sailing draught of 4.90 metres. This will give her a timber-fitted capacity of about 5,500 cubic metres. She will be powered by a Caterpillar engine and will be sailing under the British flag. Compared to previous built Sea-River Liners (Lady A – series for Wijnne Barends) she has an enlarged superstructure with fixed wheelhouse. MV ‘Scot Navigator’ is based on a design from Groot Ship Design and built by GS Yard (Groningen).